Migration Integration Deutschland / Afrika Deutschland

Dec 2013 / Migration-Bildung-Barrieren-EDUCATION-REPORT AFRIKA-DIASPORA-DEUTSCHLAND-AFROTAK-02-Theodor-Michael-Katja-Kinder-Peggy-Piesche-Stephen-Dankwah-Schwarze Deutsche Black Germans

Everybody has oppinons on how education and migration should work. and how education should integrate. Buschkowski Mayor of Berlin's multi-cultural center Neu-Köln even makes public blatant racist remarks. The UN 2013 demanded of Germany to act against racism because of Sarazin.Read More ›

passgesetze / Racial Profiling Deutschland

Apr 2012 / Racial Profiling Deutschland STOPP racial profiling deutschland racial profiling germany rassengesetze genozid genocid afrika deutschland passgesetze völkermord aparthheid rassismus institutionalisierter rassismus

Stop Racial Profiling in Deutschland/ No Racial Profiling in Germany – NEVER AGAIN!!!Read More ›